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Cell kinetics is a predictive parameter of breast-cancer aggressiveness, and mutations occurring in mammary tumorigenesis may favor uncontrolled cell proliferation. In this study, cell kinetics, clinico-pathological characteristics and genetic alterations at the int-2, bcl-1, c-myc, c-erbB-2, and DF3 loci were analyzed and correlated in 54 primary breast(More)
Primary cardiac paragangliomas are extremely rare. Recently this neoplasm has been associated with a familiar syndrome as a result of mutation of genes that encode proteins in the mitochondrial complex II. We report a case of a 46-year-old woman having cases of vertebral paraganglioma in her family showing an unusual anatomic and clinical presentation of(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND It has been demonstrated that breast cancer screening induces a 30% reduction of specific mortality. In May 1990, we started a pilot screening program to assess the feasibility of carrying out such a program in Campania (southern Italy). Herein we report the results of the first round of the program from three municipalities (Giugliano,(More)
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