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Horses, like many domesticated species, have been selected for broad variation in skeletal size. This variation is not only an interesting model of rapid evolutionary change during domestication, but is also directly applicable to the horse industry. Breeders select for complex traits like body size and skeletal conformation to improve marketability,(More)
In this paper, the life prediction method of corroded aircraft aluminum alloy structure was proposed. The stress multiplication of aluminum alloy structure subjected to pitting corrosion damage was simulated by ANSYS software. Based upon the simulation results, the AFGROW software was used to carry out the crack growth analyses, the life cycles of corroded(More)
In this paper, the corrosion fatigue crack propagation behavior of aluminum alloy specimens in corrosive solution has been investigated. Based upon the experimental results of corrosion fatigue growth, we proposed the stochastic processes method and the AFGROW software simulation method to predicate the numerical simulation of corrosion fatigue crack(More)
In this paper, the corrosion damage of the aluminum alloy specimens were studied at different temperature for various corrosion times. The surface corrosion damage ratio of aluminum alloy structure was defined to reveal the degree of pit corrosion intensity. Based on the probability model of pitting corrosion growth, a new probability model capable of(More)
A membrane-enhanced solar heat pipe loop is presented. The device enables heat transfer between an elevated and low-lying area using a membrane-enabled mechanism. A working solution is vaporized in solar collectors, producing vapor which carries thermal energy to a heat exchanger. Condensed fluid moves through a forward osmosis process back into the(More)
Temperature and humidity are critical environmental factors that can be damaging the structure of electric explosive device. In this paper, experimental studies were presented to appreciate the influence of humidity and temperature on the corrosion damage and firing of electric explosive device. The explosive broken and corrosion damage on lead induced by(More)
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