Enver Dayioğlu

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OBJECTIVE The determination of postoperative course after cardiac surgery has always been a challenging issue. It is more sophisticated in the pediatric age group. The aim of this investigation was to identify whether increased concentrations of lactate in arterial blood has a predictive value for postoperative morbidity and mortality after heart surgery.(More)
Eine hypoplastische infrarenale Aorta oder infrarenale Coarctatio aortae abdominalis ist eine seltene vaskuläre Pathologie, die durch eine diffuse Stenose der infrarenalen abdominellen Aorta charakterisiert ist. Sie ist eine Variante einer arteriosklerotischen Verschlusskrankheit. Die genaue Inzidenz und die Ätiologie sind nicht bekannt. Die Symptome sind(More)
Behcet's disease was first defined by Hulusi Behcetin 1937 as a multisystemic disorder with characteristic pathologic findings including recurrent orogenitalulcers, vascular disorders, and ocular and cutaneous lesions. The disease is mostly encountered at the third and fourth decades of life and especially prevalent in Mediterranean and Far East(More)
AIM The avoidance of cardiopulmonary bypass and aortic cross-clamping in patients possessing single ventricular physiology has potential advantages including preservation of ventricular and pulmonary functions; early extubation, decreased incidence of pleural effusions and decreased requirement of inotropic agents and blood products. In this study, we(More)
OBJECTIVE The incremental surgical risk caused by mild or moderate renal dysfunction in patients undergoing surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm is not well defined. The aim of this study is to analyze the prognostic significance of mild or moderate renal dysfunction in 79 patients who have undergone repair of an infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm at(More)
A major gastrointestinal complication after transperitoneal aortic surgery, though unusual, may be disastrous. We determined retrospectively the risk factors, associated events, and outcomes of gastrointestinal complications that developed after transperitoneal aortic revascularization to treat aneurysmal or occlusive disease over a 10-year period. Among(More)
BACKGROUND The approach to acute and chronic type B aortic dissection has changed significantly over the past years. In this aspect, we have reviewed our single-center experience in surgery for type B dissections and compared the current data presented by other centers. METHODS Twenty-nine patients operated at our center for type B aortic dissection (14(More)
Venous ulcers are seen following postthrombophlebitic syndrome with venous insufficiency and can begin as a result of minor trauma. In this retrospective study the authors examined the value of external intermittent pneumatic compression therapy in chronic venous ulcers. Results in 1,250 patients with postthrombophlebitic syndromes, 235 of these patients(More)
Behçet's disease is an inflammatory vasculitis which affects the arteries and veins. The vascular pathologies are the rare complications of this disease. We present here a patient with Behçet's disease who has been hospitalized several times because of plurifocal vascular manifestations.
Atrial myxomas are the most commonly encountered tumours of the heart and can present at different ages with different clinical symptoms. They are one of the curable tumours of the heart. Appropriate surgical treatment and surgery must be performed with great precautions in order to prevent fatal systemic embolizations. In this retrospective study we will(More)