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Do X-rays adequately reflect the strength of callus post fracture? Eleven rabbit tibiae were manually fractured and allowed to heal in plaster. At varying times post fracture, the rabbits were sacrificed and the tibiae were removed. AP and lateral X-rays of each tibia were obtained and shown to 27 orthopedists and radiologists who were asked to rank the(More)
Four cases of hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) are presented in which light and electron microscopic examination of renal biopsies (2 cases) and light microscopic examination of the kidneys on autopsy material (2 cases) revealed no changes reflecting microangiopathy. Based on these findings and on personal observation of 197 cases of HUS with glomerular or(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The aim of this study is to compare the experience with video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) for patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) since 1995 with the results of conventional open surgery from the preceding 10 years. METHODS The records of 60 children who underwent standard posterolateral muscle splitting thoracotomy and ligation of(More)
INTRODUCTION Pressure ulcer prevention is an indicator of quality of care. Reliable identification of Category I pressure ulcers is essential in prevalence studies and to prevent further tissue damage. PURPOSE The primary purpose of this study was to establish interrater reliability between blanching and nonblanching erythema assessed by 2 independent(More)
Single-lung ventilation using a double-lumen endobronchial tube is often performed for surgical procedures involving the thorax. Tracheobronchial rupture during use of an endobronchial tube is an uncommon and serious complication. We present the case of a patient undergoing a right pneumonectomy who experienced a bronchial rupture due to a double-lumen(More)
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It is commonly assumed that a distal extension partial removable dentures rotates around the supporting rests when the saddle is occlusally loaded and that this rotation may expose the abutment teeth to a distal torque believed to be potentially harmful to their periodontal tissues. Attempts are therefore often made to counteract this effect through the(More)
Mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis of varying severity was found by renal biopsy in 86.2% among 130 patients with asymptomatic haematuria. 3.2% had benign nephrosclerosis, 3.2% had benign nephrosclerosis, 1.6% had interstitial nephritis and one patient showed a previously undiagnosed perimembranous glomerulonephritis. Normal renal parenchyma was(More)