Ensieh Sadat Hosseini

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In this study, we have presented a method for detecting four common arrhythmias by using wavelet analysis along with the neural network algorithms. The method firstly includes the extraction of feature vectors with wavelet analysis. Then, the vectors will be categorized by means of the neural network into four classes. Input signals are recorded from two(More)
Malting is usually carried out on intact barley seed, while hull is still attached to it. In this study, oat grain with and without hull was subjected to controlled germination to optimize its enzymes activity, in such a way that lipase has the lowest and αamylase and proteinase the highest activities. Since pH has a great impact on the activity of the(More)
The results are based on the first principal modeling and calculations for HAP nanostructures as native as well surface modified, charged and having various defects (H and OH vacancies, H inter-nodes). HAP structures were studied using Local Density Approximation (LDA) method with calculations of Density of States (DOS) allow us analyzes the experimental(More)
Although, the conservation process protects the foodstuffs from contaminations and increases the shelf life, however it causes undesirable changes in food materials. In this study, Nisin as a natural compound was used in order to reduce the effect of heat on physiochemical properties of red bean conserve in tomato sauce. To carry out this research,(More)
Main results of the modeling and computational studies of two the most interesting non-centro-symmetric polymorphic glycine structures: &#x03B2;-glycine (space group P2<sub>1</sub>) and &#x03B3;-glycine (space group P3<sub>2</sub>), are presented in this work. These structures reveal piezoelectric and polar properties. But the value of polarization is not(More)
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