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Oxidation of benzyl alcohols to the corresponding carbonyl compounds catalyzed by copper (II) meso-tetra phenyl porphyrin as cytochrome P-450 model reaction
Abstract The oxidation of benzyl alcohols has been studied in the presence of isobutyraldehyde as co-catalyst, molecular oxygen as oxidant and copper (II) meso-tetra phenyl porphyrin (CuTPP) asExpand
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Sensitization of magnetic TiO2 with copper(II) tetrahydroxylphenyl porphyrin for photodegradation of methylene blue by visible LED light
Magnetic photocatalyst (magnetite@silica@titania@copper(II) 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-(hydroxyl)phenyl) porphyrin, Fe3O4@SiO2@TiO2@CuIITHPP) (MSTCuP) has been synthesized, characterized, and utilized toExpand
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Removal of Lead by Tetra Hydroxyl Phenyl Porphyrin-Linked Magnetic Nanoparticles: Process Optimization by Using Taguchi Design Method
Fe 3 O 4 @SiO 2 @THPP (MSTHPP) nanocomposite was prepared as an adsorbent for the removal of lead ions. The structural characteristics of thisnanocomposite were determined using FourierExpand
Oxidation of o-chloro and o-hydroxy benzyl alcohols catalyzed by copper (II) tetraphenylporphyrin nanoparticles synthesized by mixed solvent method
. In order to avoid using toxic and dangerous oxidants, oxidative catalytic conversion of organic molecules has been developed in the recent years by using environmentally clean oxidants such asExpand
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