Enshuang Zhang

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Recently, self-healing superhydrophobic surfaces have become a new research focus due to their recoverable wetting performances and wide applications. However, until now, on almost all reported surfaces, only one factor (surface chemistry or microstructure) can be restored. In this paper, a new superhydrophobic surface with self-healing ability in both(More)
Controlling oil adhesion in water is a fundamental issue in many practical applications for surfaces. Currently, almost all studies on underwater oil adhesion control are concentrated on regulating surface chemistry on polymer surfaces, and structure-dependent underwater oil adhesion is still rare, especially on inorganic materials. Herein, we report a(More)
In this paper, bio-inspired PDMS films with different hierarchical microstructures were designed and tunable adhesive super-hydrophobicity was achieved on these films. The adhesive forces between a water droplet and the PDMS film can be adjusted from extremely low (about 8.3 μN) to very high (about 57 μN), and the tunable effect can be ascribed to different(More)
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