Enriqueta González

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Both the Connecticut Chemosensory Clinical Research Center (CCCRC) test and Cross Cultural Smell Identification Test (CC-SIT) are used to assess the sense of smell in patients all over the world. Our aim is to know whether the CCCRC test is a valid olfactory test in comparison with CC-SIT. Therefore, we have done a prospective study in 60 adult patients(More)
A population of 3,067 Mexican-American, Pueblo Indian, Navajo Indian, Black, and Anglo elementary children were administered the Draw-A-Person for norming and comparison against the existing Koppitz scoring procedure. A significant number of items for each of the five ethnic groups changed categories with final score interpretation affected. A significant(More)
Along one year, cardiorespiratory resuscitation was done to 71 patients, aged 3 days to 10 years (median 3.5 month), in a pediatric intensive care unit. Although 39 patients (55%) recovered through first-stage treatment, in 17 the arrest was recurrent and they died in the following 24 hours. Only 12 (16.9%) children definitely survived. No patients(More)