Enrique Valero

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Wildlife-related accidents are a serious problem in different countries and describing their temporal pattern allows for the development of measures to mitigate them. We described the temporal pattern of wild ungulate-related accidents occurring between January 2006 and December 2010 in the Autonomous Region of Galicia, northwest of Spain. We examined the(More)
We measured binocular summation for the detection of red–green chromatic, blue–yellow chromatic, and luminance contrast. The results indicated a higher degree of binocular summation for luminance contrast (reaching the level of neural summation) than for chromaticity contrast (probability summation), showing that the former is more effective than the latter(More)
Human body motions have been analysed for decades with a view on enhancing occupational well-being and performance of workers. On-going progresses in miniaturised wearable sensors are set to revolutionise biomechanical analysis by providing accurate and real-time quantitative motion data. The construction industry has a poor record of occupational health,(More)
The study developed equations for predicting aboveground and belowground biomass of planted and coppiced Eucalyptus globulus in NW Spain. It was the first published work considering site effects on aboveground biomass and first work for predicting root biomass, for this species in this region, where it covers about 310,000 ha. Eucalyptus globulus is a(More)
The renewable energy emerged as a solution to the environmental problems caused by the conventional sources of energy. Small hydropower (SHP) is claimed to cause negligible effects on the ecosystem, although some environmental values are threatened and maintenance of an adequate water quality should be ensured. This work provides a characterization of the(More)
There is a comparison of different coagulants: calcium chloride (20, 60, 120 and 180 mg/L); sodium alginate (10 and 20 mg/L) and tannins of Eucalyptus globulus bark (10 and 20 mg/L) in order to make the most of each method. The results show that 20 mg/L of tannin achieved a recovery efficiency of 95.35±1.16, sodium alginate 90.49±0.53 and 84.04±2.29 for(More)
Each year there are more frequent blooms of green algae and cyanobacteria, representing a serious environmental problem of eutrophication. Electroflocculation (EF) was studied to harvest the algae which are present in reservoirs, as well as different factors which may influence on the effectiveness of the process: the voltage applied to the culture medium,(More)
There are some different freshwater algae in Eutrophic reservoirs which bloom with specific environmental conditions, and some of them are cyanobacteria. In this investigation, we have cultivated microalgae present in natural water samples from a eutrophic reservoir. Variations in temperature and light were evaluated, as well as the competition among(More)
The damage spreading (DS) method provided a useful tool to obtain analytical results of the thermodynamics and stability of the two-dimensional (2D) Ising model--amongst many others--but it suffered both from ambiguities in its results and from large computational costs. In this paper we propose an alternative method, the so-called self-overlap method,(More)
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