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[1] Salt marshes are delicate landforms at the boundary between the sea and land. These ecosystems support a diverse biota that modifies the erosive characteristics of the substrate and mediates sediment transport processes. Here we present a broad overview of recent numerical models that quantify the formation and evolution of salt marshes under different(More)
Let I = (x v1 ,. .. , x vq) be a square-free monomial ideal of a polynomial ring K[x 1 ,. .. , x n ] over an arbitrary field K and let A be the incidence matrix with column vectors v 1 ,. .. , v q. We will establish some connections between algebraic properties of certain graded algebras associated to I and combinatorial optimization properties of certain(More)
We study the family of graphs whose number of primitive cycles equals its cycle rank. It is shown that this family is precisely the family of ring graphs. Then we study the complete intersection property of toric ideals of bipartite graphs and oriented graphs. An interesting application is that complete intersection toric ideals of bipartite graphs(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To compare the gestational weight gain and adverse perinatal outcomes in urban Mexican women with prepregnancy overweight or obesity, under an early intensive obstetric and nutrition program versus women with prepregnancy normal weight. METHODS A cohort of 546 pregnant women with prepregnancy normal weight (n = 201, NW), overweight (n =(More)
Two explicit landscape simulation models were used to investigate habitat shifts in coastal Louisiana due to varying river forcing and sea level rise scenarios. Wetland conversion to open water and yearly shifts of marsh habitats in two contrasting estuarine regions were examined; the Atchafalaya delta which is a prograding delta area with strong riverine(More)
Let C be a uniform clutter and let I = I(C) be its edge ideal. We prove that if C satisfies the packing property (resp. max-flow min-cut property), then there is a uniform Cohen-Macaulay clutter C 1 satisfying the packing property (resp. max-flow min-cut property) such that C is a minor of C 1. For arbitrary edge ideals of clutters we prove that the(More)
Let G = (V, E) be a graph. If G is a König graph or if G is a graph without 3-cycles and 5-cycles, we prove that the following conditions are equivalent: ∆ G is pure shellable, R/I ∆ is Cohen-Macaulay, G is an unmixed vertex decomposable graph and G is well-covered with a perfect matching of König type e 1 ,. .. , e g without 4-cycles with two e i 's.(More)
Fasting serum prolactin (PRL) levels in response to metoclopramide (MCP) and lymphocyte cytokine profiles was studied in patients given allografts and their donors. Thirty normoprolactinemic volunteers (12-59 years) were studied: group 1, 10 healthy men; group 2, 8 males and 2 females with various hematologic diseases; and group 3, 3 males and 7 females(More)