Enrique R. Vivoni

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[1] Water-limited environments occupy about half of the Earth’s land surface and contain some of the fastest growing population centers in the world. Scarcity or variable distributions of water and nutrients make these environments highly sensitive to change. Given the importance of water-limited environments and the impacts of increasing demands on water(More)
Comparisons to ground-based surface soil moisture estimates are necessary to evaluate the capability of remote sensors to determine soil moisture and its spatiotemporal variability. Soil moisture can be especially variable in regions of complex terrain which exhibit large variations in vegetation, soil properties and hydrologic conditions. The objective of(More)
[1] We investigate the influence of hillslope aspect on landscape morphology in central New Mexico, where differences in soils, vegetation, and landforms are observed between mesic north-facing and xeric south-facing slopes. Slope–area and curvature–area relations, derived from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), are used to characterize the opposing hillslope(More)
Department of Earth and Environmental Science, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM 87801, United States Departamento de Física, Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, Sonora, México 83100, Mexico Departamento de Agricultura y Ganadería, Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, Sonora, México 83100, Mexico d School of Earth and Space Exploration(More)
[1] Soil moisture control on evapotranspiration is poorly understood in ecosystems experiencing seasonal greening. In this study, we utilize a set of multi-year observations at four eddy covariance sites along a latitudinal gradient in vegetation greening to infer the ET-q relation during the North American monsoon. Results reveal significant seasonal,(More)
Hydrologic response in natural catchments is controlled by a set of complex interactions between storm properties, basin characteristics and antecedent wetness conditions. This study investigates the transient runoff response to spatially-uniform storms of varying properties using a distributed model of the coupled surface-subsurface sys5 tem, which treats(More)
[1] Ecosystems of dry climates are a particularly interesting subject for ecohydrological studies, as water is generally considered to be the key limiting resource. This work focuses on vegetation-water-energy dynamics occurring on the complex terrain of a semiarid area characteristic of central New Mexico. The study employs a mechanistic model of coupled(More)
© The Ecological Society of America www.frontiersinecology.org L are well-known as key factors in many scientific disciplines. Ecologists, for instance, recognize the importance of previous-year precipitation on currentyear net primary production (Sala et al. 2012). Likewise, natural resource managers and environmental scientists recognize the importance of(More)
[1] Climate and topographic conditions in a first-order semiarid catchment in central New Mexico have given rise to opposing hillslopes characterized by different soil profile, vegetation and landform characteristics. In this study, we present the differential response of these two hillslope ecosystems to a geomorphically significant (GS) flood event based(More)