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Boundary equilibrium bifurcations in piecewise smooth discontinuous systems are characterized by the collision of an equilibrium point with the discontinuity surface. Generically, these bi-furcations are of codimension one, but there are scenarios where the phenomenon can be of higher codimension. Here, the possible collision of a non-hyperbolic equilibrium(More)
Bifurcation analysis of nonlinear control systems supplies a global perspective of the system behaviour modes. In this paper, it is shown that this analysis can be implemented with very elementary and classical tools, such as frequency-domain graphical methods. T he methodology proposed is illustrated analysing the ee ects of a saturation non-linearity on a(More)
In this paper we study a planar piecewise linear differential system formed by two regions separated by a straight line so that one system has a real unstable focus and the other a virtual stable focus which coincides with the real one. This system was introduced in a very recent paper (On the number of limit cycles in general planar piecewise linear(More)