Enrique Ponce

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Boundary equilibrium bifurcations in piecewise smooth discontinuous systems are characterized by the collision of an equilibrium point with the discontinuity surface. Generically, these bifurcations are of codimension one, but there are scenarios where the phenomenon can be of higher codimension. Here, the possible collision of a non-hyperbolic equilibrium(More)
The direct current (dc) microgrids are an option to new demands for power quality and integration of renewable resources in developing regions, where the main network is unavailable. However, the dc architecture is based on multistage power converters where point-of-load converters can be seen by the feeder converter as constant power loads (CPLs). This(More)
In this paper we study a planar piecewise linear differential system formed by two regions separated by a straight line so that one system has a real unstable focus and the other a virtual stable focus which coincides with the real one. This system was introduced in a very recent paper (On the number of limit cycles in general planar piecewise linear(More)