Enrique Platín

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We report the case of a patient whose main complaint was swelling on the right side of the mandible when he presented to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Service. Imaging studies revealed a large homogeneous, multilocular, expansive lesion in the body of the right mandibular ramus. The lesion was poorly enhanced following intravenous contrast injection. The(More)
We report on a patient who presented with cranial nerve VI bilateral paresis, absence of pharyngeal reflex, dysarthria, right tongue deviation, and right facial paralysis. Imaging studies showed an expansive process in the cranial base with clivus and petrous apex osteolysis. A biopsy confirmed the presence of clear cell adenocarcinoma and suspicion of(More)
We present the case of a 51-year-old patient with sinonasal adenoid cystic carcinoma (SACC). Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams revealed an expansive process in the right nostril accompanied with perineural spread and invasion to the floor of the middle cranial fossa. Due to the size of the tumor and brain involvement, the(More)
This is a case report of a 62-year-old male who presented to the Ear, Nose, and Throat clinic for a follow-up exam for hearing loss stemming from a fall from a horse in his infancy. A Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) examination revealed an intrapetrous communication between the internal jugular vein bulb and the superior petrosal sinus.(More)
We report on a patient who was referred to the ENT service following an incidental finding on an MRI scan of the brain. It revealed a mass in the right parapharyngeal space, and additional imaging confirmed the presence of a solid cystic expansive mass with moderate enhancement following contrast media injection. The patient was treated with a total(More)
Superior semicircular canal dehiscence is a relatively new syndrome in the field of otology. It is of unknown etiology presenting with a variety of vestibular and auditory symptoms and radiologic findings play a crucial role in its diagnosis. Cone beam computed tomography has been shown to be a powerful tool in the field of otolaryngology. It is a three(More)
We report on a patient who presented to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic with swelling of the neck, dysphagia, headache, dyspnea and stridor. Imaging studies revealed an expansive heterogeneous process to the left retropharyngeal region. The mass was ovoid in shape, displaying moderate enhancement after intravenous contrast administration.(More)
Oncocytoma is a rare benign salivary gland tumour with an incidence rate about 1-2%. It is located in the parotid gland in 82% of cases. The aging mitochondrial hypothesis could explain the predilection between 70 and 90 years. Clinical and radiological features of the parotid oncocytoma are not different from those of the others parotid benign tumors. We(More)
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