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OBJECTIVE To examine whether the results of assisted reproduction with the use of elongated spermatids from a man with incomplete arrest of spermiogenesis and a high frequency of apoptosis among postmeiotic germ cells can be improved by germ cell in vitro culture. DESIGN Case report. SETTING Private assisted reproduction centers and a university(More)
Quercetin is a dietary flavonoid which exerts vasodilator, antiplatelet and antiproliferative effects and reduces blood pressure, oxidative status and end-organ damage in humans and animal models of systemic hypertension. We hypothesized that oral quercetin treatment might be protective in a rat model of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Three weeks after(More)
The present article focuses on psychoneuroendocrine effects of cannabinoids in developing animals, with special emphasis on the perinatal, periweanling and periadolescent periods. We describe and discuss published data dealing with acute and long-term effects of exposure to cannabinoid agonists in such critical periods. Human studies have demonstrated that(More)
BACKGROUND Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) before liver transplantation (LT) for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has been proposed to prevent tumor progression, thus decreasing tumor recurrence and increasing survival. METHODS We studied 46 patients undergoing LT for HCC who were divided in 2 groups--group A with pretransplant TACE (18 patients(More)
Immunosuppression used to avoid graft rejection in solid organ transplantation recipients leads to a variety of side-effects, and an increased rate of infections and de novo malignancies. Oral conditions usually associated with immunosuppressive drugs include fungal and viral infection, and lip lesions, but intra-oral carcinoma has not been reported as(More)
Amerindians immigrated to Madrid (Spain) region are about 10% of the present day population. Amerindians are believed to be the first American inhabitants, before Na-Dene speakers, Aleuts and Eskimo. They may initially have arrived to America from Siberia and also from other parts of Pacific Sea (South Asia, Polynesia and Australia). Nowadays, they populate(More)
Maternal deprivation [24h on postnatal day 9] might represent an animal model of schizophrenia and behavioural and neurochemical alterations observed in adulthood may be mediated by hippocampal impairments induced by abnormally increased glucocorticoids due to neonatal stress. We aimed to provide new data for psychoimmunoendocrine characterization of this(More)
Fatty livers occur in up to 20% of potential liver donors and increase cellular injury during the ischemia/reperfusion phase, so any intervention that could enable a better outcome of grafts for liver transplantation would be very useful. The effect of melatonin on liver ischemia/reperfusion injury in a rat model of obesity and hepatic steatosis has been(More)
There is evidence for the existence of functional interactions between nicotine and cannabinoids and opioid compounds in adult experimental animals. However, there is scarce information about these relationships in young animals. In the present study we evaluated short and long-term effects of a subchronic nicotine treatment [0.4 mg/kg daily i.p. injections(More)