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Quercetin is a dietary flavonoid which exerts vasodilator, antiplatelet and antiproliferative effects and reduces blood pressure, oxidative status and end-organ damage in humans and animal models of systemic hypertension. We hypothesized that oral quercetin treatment might be protective in a rat model of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Three weeks after(More)
There is evidence for the existence of functional interactions between nicotine and cannabinoids and opioid compounds in adult experimental animals. However, there is scarce information about these relationships in young animals. In the present study we evaluated short and long-term effects of a subchronic nicotine treatment [0.4 mg/kg daily i.p. injections(More)
Maternal deprivation [24h on postnatal day 9] might represent an animal model of schizophrenia and behavioural and neurochemical alterations observed in adulthood may be mediated by hippocampal impairments induced by abnormally increased glucocorticoids due to neonatal stress. We aimed to provide new data for psychoimmunoendocrine characterization of this(More)
The kappa (kappa) opioid system appears to interact with nicotine in the modulation of locomotion and addiction related processes. In this study we have investigated the possible implication of the kappa-opioid system in the effects of nicotine on anxiety and adrenocortical activity. In two different experiments, we analysed the possible interaction between(More)
Through appropriate projections of an exact renormalization group equation, we study fixed points, critical exponents and nontrivial renormalization group flows in scalar field theories in 2 < d < 4. The standard upper critical dimensions d k = 2k k−1 , k = 2, 3, 4,. .. appear naturally encoded in our formalism, and for dimensions smaller but very close to(More)
BACKGROUND Portal vein thrombosis is a frequent complication in end-stage cirrhosis with a considerable peri-operative risk for liver transplant candidates. We aimed to characterize the pre-transplant portal vein thrombosis in a cohort of liver transplant recipients, and to identify independent risk factors for this complication. METHODS 380 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin resistance and obesity are strongly associated with systemic cardiovascular diseases. Recent reports have also suggested a link between insulin resistance with pulmonary arterial hypertension. The aim of this study was to analyze pulmonary vascular function in the insulin resistant obese Zucker rat. METHODS Large and small pulmonary(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular complications, such as HAT, are an important cause of graft loss and recipient mortality. We aimed to characterize post-transplant thrombotic events in a cohort of liver transplant recipients, and identify independent risk factors for these complications. METHODS We conducted a thrombophilic study of 293 orthotopic liver transplants(More)
Although extensive research on negative priming has been conducted using behavioural measures, little is known about its brain correlates. Moreover, results from this scarce number of studies are rather contradictory. The aim of this study is to further explore the temporal course of negative and positive priming in the brain by means of an identity task in(More)
We study the process of the evolution of the space of extra dimensions in the framework of Einstein-Yang-Mills cosmological models. It is shown that, for certain classes of models, the static compact space of extra dimensions is the attractor for a wide range of initial conditions. Also the effect of isotropization of extra dimensions in the course of(More)