Enrique Morales-Ramos

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ITER is the next generation of fusion devices and is intended to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion as a sustainable energy source for the future. To exploit the full potential of the device and to guarantee optimal operation for the device a high degree of physics modelling and simulation is needed already in the current(More)
Fusion energy is the next generation of energy. The devices that scientists are using to carry out their researches need more energy than they produce, because many problems are presented in fusion devices. In magnetic confinement devices, one of these problems is the transport of particles in the confined plasma. Some modeling tools can be used to improve(More)
Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm is an optimisation algorithm based on the intelligent behaviour of honey bee swarm. In this work, ABC algorithm is used to optimise the equilibrium of confined plasma in a nuclear fusion device. Plasma physics research for fusion still presents open problems that need a large computing capacity to be solved. This(More)