Enrique Morales-Ramos

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Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm is an optimisation algorithm based on the intelligent behaviour of honey bee swarm. In this work, ABC algorithm is used to optimise the equilibrium of confined plasma in a nuclear fusion device. Plasma physics research for fusion still presents open problems that need a large computing capacity to be solved. This(More)
Fusion energy is the next generation of energy. The devices that scientists are using to carry out their researches need more energy than they produce, because many problems are presented in fusion devices. In magnetic confinement devices, one of these problems is the transport of particles in the confined plasma. Some modeling tools can be used to improve(More)
Nuclear fusion is the next generation of energy, but many problems are still present in current nuclear fusion devices. Some of these problems can be solved by means of modeling tools. These tools usually require a large time to finish their computations and they also use a large number of parameters to represent the behaviour of nuclear fusion devices.(More)
The Particle Swarm Optimisation concept is an evolutionary computation technique employed to find optimal solutions in problems with immense solution space. In this article, an application of Particle Swarm Optimisation technique to the survey of the Conjecture of Bateman is presented. The Conjecture of Bateman requests how many coincidences of sums of(More)
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