Enrique Molla

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A retrospective review is presented of seven cases of epiploic appendagitis, with surgical confirmation in one case. The main clinico-analytical data and the US and CT findings are described, as well as the histopathologic features in the sole case that underwent surgical resection. We also calculated the frequency of this entity in patients undergoing(More)
Our objectives were to analyze different semiological patterns in craniopharyngiomas studied with CT and MR sequences. Retrospective study of 26 patients with confirmed craniopharyngiomas. All cases were examined with CT and MR imaging using a variety of pulse sequences (spin echo, inversion recovery, gradient echo in-phase and opposed-phase). The analyzed(More)
Rationale and objectives: To evaluate the prevalence of popliteal cysts in patients studied with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Cyst presence and volume will be related to other internal derangement of the knee.Materials and methods: Three hundred and eighty-two consecutive patients with a MR study of the knee were included. Images were obtained in the(More)
1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) allows accurate and non-invasive in vivo metabolic study, and is a useful tool for the diagnosis of different forms of dementias. Cognitive impairment pathologies have been almost exclusively studied with MRS by comparison with healthy without a global comparison amongst Alzheimer disease (AD), vascular dementia,(More)
To evaluate the utility of myelography obtained with MR imaging (MR-myelography) as a complementary tool in patients studied with a conventional MR examination of the spine. 275 consecutive patients were included. All of them were studied with MR-myelography in 2 planes, coronal and sagittal, with a turbo spin-echo single-shot technique, as a complement to(More)
To determine the association between the self-report of pain and disability and findings on lumbar MR images, and to compare two different health care providers in Spanish patients with low back pain (LBP). Cross-sectional A total of 278 patients, 137 men and 141 women aged 44±14 years submitted with low back pain (LBP) were studied. One hundred and nine(More)
Our objective was to study the coexistence of lower thoracic-spine disc changes in patients with low back pain using a large field of view (FOV) in lumbar spine MR imaging. One hundred fifty patients with low back pain were referred to an MR examination. All patients were studied with a large FOV (27 cm), covering from the coccyx to at least the body of(More)
In abdominal MR imaging, ghost artifacts from noncyclic bowel movements can reduce the quality of the images. Although pharmacologic suppression of motion is effective, no study has being conducted to analyze the influence of drug motion suppression on fast breath-hold 1.5-T examinations of the upper abdomen. A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial(More)
To study the relationship of upper thoracic spine degenerative disc contour changes on MR imaging in patients with neck pain. The relation between upper thoracic and cervical spine degenerative disc disease is not well established. One hundred and fifty-six patients referred with cervical pain were studied. There were 73 women and 77 men with a mean age of(More)