Enrique Martí

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 The deployment of Intelligent Vehicles in urban environments requires reliable estimation of positioning for urban navigation. The inherent complexity of this kind of environments fosters the development of novel systems which should provide reliable and precise solutions to the vehicle. This article details an advanced GNSS/IMU fusion system based on a(More)
—This paper continues a previous work, where the context-aided tracker " ConTracker " was used to detect suspicious behaviors in maritime vehicle trajectories. ConTracker takes into account map-based contextual information –which includes water depth, shipping channels and areas/buildings with a high strategy value– to determine anomalies in ship(More)
—Particle Filter is a sequential Montecarlo algorithm extensively used for solving estimation problems with non-linear and non-Gaussian features. In spite of its relative simplicity, it is known to suffer some undesired effects that can spoil its performance. Among these problems we can account the one known as sample depletion. This paper reviews the(More)
—While the benefits of exploiting Contextual Information (CI) are starting being recognized by the Information Fusion (IF) community [1], most current approaches for CI inclusion lead to stove-piped solutions that hardly scale or adapt to new input or situations. This paper makes a step in the direction of better CI exploitation by presenting some results(More)