Enrique Martí

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Inhibition of COX-1 appears to be a key event in most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)-induced adverse reactions. We evaluated celecoxib tolerance, a highly specific COX-2 inhibitor, in NSAIDs-sensitive patients. PATIENTS AND METHOD Intolerant patients were challenged in a single-blind study with placebo and(More)
 The deployment of Intelligent Vehicles in urban environments requires reliable estimation of positioning for urban navigation. The inherent complexity of this kind of environments fosters the development of novel systems which should provide reliable and precise solutions to the vehicle. This article details an advanced GNSS/IMU fusion system based on a(More)
This paper continues a previous work, where the context-aided tracker “ConTracker” was used to detect suspicious behaviors in maritime vehicle trajectories. ConTracker takes into account map-based contextual information - which includes water depth, shipping channels and areas/buildings with a high strategy value - to determine anomalies in(More)
Particle Filter is a sequential Montecarlo algorithm extensively used for solving estimation problems with non-linear and non-Gaussian features. In spite of its relative simplicity, it is known to suffer some undesired effects that can spoil its performance. Among these problems we can account the one known as sample depletion. This paper reviews the(More)
High accuracy navigation usually require expensive sensors and/or its careful integration into a complex and finely tuned system. Smartphones pack a high number of sensors in a portable format, becoming a source of low-quality information with a high heterogeneity and redundancy. This work compares pure GNSS/INS capabilities on both types of platform, and(More)
Real fusion system applications can be required to operate on wide areas for long periods of time. Adaptation is a basic capability under these circumstances. This paper presents a maritime surveillance platform designed to be flexible and robust. It features online configuration capabilities allowing to: (a) change the applied algorithms, (b) modify the(More)
The design and implementation of fusion systems working in real conditions requires functional and performance specification, analysis of information input and contextual domain, and development of testing and validation tools. This paper presents a fusion system recently developed to operate with EW and ISR sensors on-board of patrol aircraft, which must(More)