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In this paper, the description of an image recognition processor based on morphological associative memories (MAM) is presented. The combination of the MAM features with its implementation in a programmable logic device grants to the system high speeds of processing, high immunity to the present noise in the images and great capacity of storage; these(More)
A new method for image compression based on morphological associative memories (MAMs) is presented. We used the MAM to implement a new image transform and applied it at the transformation stage of image coding, thereby replacing such traditional methods as the discrete cosine transform or the discrete wavelet transform. Autoassociative and heteroassociative(More)
In this paper, a grayscale image segmentation algorithm based on Extended Associative Memories (EAM) is proposed. The algorithm is divided into three phases. First, the uniform distribution of the image pixel values is determined by means of the histogram technique. The result of this phase is a set of regions (classes) where each one is grouped into a(More)
RESUMEN En este trabajo, se presenta el modelado de un Sistema de Manufactura Flexible (SMF), con procesos concurrentes y recursos compartidos mediante Sistemas a Eventos Discretos (SED), específicamente Redes Palabras Clave: GRAFCET, sistemas a eventos discretos, sistemas de manufactura flexible, redes de Petri.
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