Enrique Gijón

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1. The effect of the aqueous extract of Cissus sicyoides (CS) on isolated guinea pig aortic rings was studied. CS contracts the smooth muscle of the aorta in a dose-response relation. 2. The extract of CS increases the norepinephrine contraction in normal calcium and in solutions without calcium. 3. Lanthanum inhibits the contraction induced by CS. 4. The(More)
Experiments were performed to evaluate lead acetate effects on the anaphylactic contraction in guinea pigs smooth muscles. Aortic rings from guinea pigs exposed to lead acetate developed an anaphylactic contraction significantly lower than the contraction induced by the antigen in controls. In the smooth muscle of the intestine, lead acetate did not modify(More)
Struthanthus venetus (Sv) from family Loranthaceae is employed in traditional medicine to treat coughs. In previous studies, a methanol extract of Sv shows hypotensive effects and changes in heart rate in rats. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a methanol extract of Sv on the electrocardiogram (EKG), and histological changes in the(More)
In normal Krebs solution, diazepam (1.75X10(-4) M) increased the action potential duration in a reversible form and caused a positive inotropic effect on mouse auricular muscle (4). 2.) Further studies on diazepam action on electrical and mechanical activity of left auricular muscle from mouse and guinea pig, in preparations electrically driven, showed that(More)
The mechanism of the contractions elicited by specific antigens in immunologically sensitized muscle tissue (Schultz-Dale responses) has been investigated on single fibers of denervated guinea pig hemidiaphragms. This preparation can be either actively or passively allergized, showing Schultz-Dale responses similar to those of visceral muscle. Specific(More)