Enrique Fernández-Blanco

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Fast cancer diagnosis represents a real necessity in applied medicine due to the importance of this disease. Thus, theoretical models can help as prediction tools. Graph theory representation is one option because it permits us to numerically describe any real system such as the protein macromolecules by transforming real properties into molecular graph(More)
Aging and life quality is an important research topic nowadays in areas such as life sciences, chemistry, pharmacology, etc. People live longer, and, thus, they want to spend that extra time with a better quality of life. At this regard, there exists a tiny subset of molecules in nature, named antioxidant proteins that may influence the aging process.(More)
The recognition of seizures is very important for the diagnosis of patients with epilepsy. The seizure is a process of rhythmic discharge in brain and occurs rarely and unpredictably. This behavior generates a need of an automatic detection of seizures by using the signals of long-term electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings. Due to the non-stationary(More)
Enzyme regulation proteins are very important due to their involvement in many biological processes that sustain life. The complexity of these proteins, the impossibility of identifying direct quantification molecular properties associated with the regulation of enzymatic activities, and their structural diversity creates the necessity for new theoretical(More)
Signaling proteins are an important topic in drug development due to the increased importance of finding fast, accurate and cheap methods to evaluate new molecular targets involved in specific diseases. The complexity of the protein structure hinders the direct association of the signaling activity with the molecular structure. Therefore, the proposed(More)
Artificial Neuron-Glia Networks (ANGNs) are a novel bio-inspired machine learning approach. They extend classical Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) by incorporating recent findings and suppositions about the way information is processed by neural and astrocytic networks in the most evolved living organisms. Although ANGNs are not a consolidated method,(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper presents the preliminary studies for the creation of a new tool to assist in medical diagnostic. The tool will help in the analysis of 2D-PAGE images. In order to create a 2D-PAGE image of an ideal patient—the patient could be healthy or ill—the tool will help us in the creation of an image that facilitates and speeds up future(More)