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This paper presents a comparative study of various methods to identify the environmental sounds. We evaluate two methods for feature extraction: Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) which is well known for speaker identification, and Matching Pursuit (MP) with Gabor Dictionary which gives a time frequency representation employed for scene recognition.(More)
This paper propose a new interest point detector, denominated Atomic Harris-Affine detector, in which the Gaussian function is replaced by a 2D up(x,y) Atomic function (AF). Proposed scheme takes advantage of the desirable characteristics of AF, such as compact support and low spectral leakage. The simulation results show that proposed detector improves(More)
In this paper we present algorithms which are adaptive and based on neural networks and wavelet series to build wavenets function approximators. Results are shown in numerical simulation of two wavenets approximators ar-chitectures: the first is based on a wavenet for approach the signals under study where the parameters of the neural network are adjusted(More)
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