Enrique Cárdenas

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INTRODUCTION Sulcus ulnaris syndrome is the second most common neurocompression syndrome in the upper limb after carpal tunnel syndrome. Its severity can be appreciated by the Dellon Classification. We present our experience and results after endoscopic decompression. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective chart review of 55 patients operated over a 3-year(More)
The flexion deformity of the wrist in cerebral palsy is quite common, carrying disability to the effective use of the hands. From 1980 to 1990, 36 transferences of the pronator teres to the extensor carpi radialis were reviewed. The authors describe the operative technique by a unique incision, that may be used in cerebral palsy, and conclude that it is a(More)
UNLABELLED Pharmacological treatment of heart failure (HF) patients usually induces improvements in their functional class (FC). Heart rate variability and Holter-detected arrhythmias are sudden cardiac death predictors and should be evaluated in the presence of optimal medical treatment. METHODS We conducted a prospective, observational and linear study(More)
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