Enrique Belocopitow

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The rat epididymis is known to produce and secrete glycoproteins which interact with spermatozoa during the maturation process. The synthesis of the protein core of these compounds is dependent on androgenic stimulation. As a consequence, we studied the possible androgenic control of the N-glycosylation process dependent on the dolichol (Dol) pathway.(More)
Membrane preparations from immature stages of the fruit fly Ceratitis capitata catalyze the transfer of mannose from GDP-[14C]mannose into lipid-linked oligosaccharides. These compounds behave as polyprenyl derivatives and their formation is stimulated by the addition of an acidic glycolipid fraction isolated from insects. The mannose-labeled(More)
The antitumor effect of reserve polysaccharide, paramylon, from Euglena gracilis on the transplantable sarcoma-180 was examined in mice. This polysaccharide had an effect similar to that of lentinan. Paramylon, in a dose of 1 mug/g body weight, injected intraperitoneally 24 hr after tumor implantation had an inhibitory effect on the tumor growth, although(More)
In vivo and in vitro synthesis of chitin in Triatoma infestans was studied. For in vivo experiments, [14C] sugars were injected through the abdominal wall. Maximal incorporation of radioactivity into the cuticle was attained immediately after the ecdysis. The identification of in vivo synthesized chitin was performed by the enzymatic hydrolysis of the(More)