Enrique Barra

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This paper presents a model that enables the integration of SCORM packages into web games. It is based on the fact that SCORM packages are prepared to be integrated into Learning Management Systems and to communicate with them. Hence in a similar way they can also be integrated into web games. The application of this model results in the linkage between the(More)
Education can take advantage of e-Infrastructures to provide teachers with new opportunities to increase students’ motivation and engagement while they learn. Nevertheless, teachers need to find, integrate and customize the resources provided by e-Infrastructures in an easy way. This paper presents ViSH Editor, an innovative web-based e-Learning authoring(More)
A proactive recommender system pushes recommendations to the user when the current situation seems appropriate, without explicit user request. This is suitable in e-Learning scenarios in which a great amount of learning objects are available but it is difficult to find them according to the user’s needs. In this paper, we present a model for generating(More)
Systematic evaluation of Learning Objects is essential to make high quality Web-based education possible. For this reason, several educational repositories and e-Learning systems have developed their own evaluation models and tools. However, the differences of the context in which Learning Objects are produced and consumed suggest that no single evaluation(More)
The increase in CPU power and screen quality of todays smartphones as well as the availability of high bandwidth wireless networks has enabled high quality mobile videoconferencing never seen before. However, adapting to the variety of devices and network conditions that come as a result is still not a trivial issue. In this paper, we present a multiple(More)
Reusing Learning Objects saves time and reduces development costs. Hence, achieving their interoperability in multiple contexts is essential when creating a Learning Object Repository. On the other hand, novel web videoconference services are available due to technological advancements. Several benefits can be gained by integrating Learning Objects into(More)
. This paper introduces the experience of using videoconferencing and recording as a mechanism to support courses which need to be promoted or discontinued within the framework of the European convergence process. Our objective is to make these courses accessible as live streaming during the lessons as well as recorded lectures and associated documents(More)