Enrique A. de la Cal Marín

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A patient with C6 cervical radiculopathy reported that sustained shoulder abduction significantly diminished this upper extremity pain. The patient was instructed to adopt this position for prolonged periods during rest and at work. Pain relief was temporary and lasted as long as the arm was in abduction. Relief of pain, induced by arm abduction, may be(More)
The principle objective of this paper is to obtain trading rules with a low risk level which are also capable of obtaining high returns. To that purpose a methodology has been defined, based on the design of a genetic algorithm GAP and an incremental training technique adapted to the learning of series of stock market values. The GAP technique consists in a(More)
Cervical manipulation may result in serious neurologic injury arising specifically from trauma to the vertebrobasilar system. The vertebral arteries are susceptible to trauma at three locations: in the transverse foraminae, at the atlantoaxial joint, and at the occipitoatlantal joint. Because of frequent inequality in the size of the two vertebral arteries,(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of wrist position on distal sensory and motor latencies of the median nerve. An orthosis was devised to maintain the wrist either in extension or in flexion while measuring these latencies. Fourteen patients with presumptive carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and 12 control subjects were evaluated following(More)
The price of electrical energy in Spain has not been regulated by the government since 1998, but determined by the supply from the generators in a competitive market, the so-called “electrical pool”. A genetic method for analyzing data from this new market is presented in this paper. The eventual objective is to determine the individual supply curves of the(More)
Traumatic spinal cord injury is a devastating condition that alters every aspect of the victim's life. Motor vehicle accidents cause about half of the cases, whereas others are the result of falls, recreational and sporting accidents, or acts of violence. We report a case of a C3 spinal fracture with a resultant Brown Sequard syndrome, which occurred in a(More)
Complete dislocation of the knee joint is a severe injury that is commonly the result of high-velocity injuries and often associated with disruption of the popliteal artery. We report two cases in which obesity appeared to be the principal cause of knee dislocation with vascular compromise. Preventive measures in extremely obese patients are recommended.
Patients with ankylosing spondylitis are susceptible to spine fracture, usually in the cervical spine. Less frequently, the thoracic and lumbar spine is affected. The fracture line may involve anterior and posterior elements. Frequently, it extends through the entire width of the spine. As a result the fracture tends to be unstable and may cause neurologic(More)