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Power system generation scheduling is an important issue both from the economical and environmental safety viewpoints. The scheduling involves decisions with regards to the units start up and shut down times and to the assignment of the load demands to the committed generating units for minimizing the system operation costs and the emission of atmospheric(More)
Bayesian estimation techniques are being applied with success in component fault diagnosis and prognosis.Within this framework, this paper proposes amethodology for the estimation of the remaining useful life of components based on particle filtering. The approach employs Monte Carlo simulation of a state dynamic model and ameasurement model for estimating(More)
The safety of nuclear power plants can be enhanced, and the costs of operation and maintenance reduced, by means of prognostic and health management systems which enable detecting, diagnosing, predicting, and proactively managing the equipment degradation toward failure. We propose a prognostic method which predicts the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of a(More)
In the present paper, we consider some frequently used importance measures, in their generalized form proposed by the authors for application to multi-state systems constituted by multi-state components. To catch the dynamics of multi-state systems, Monte Carlo simulation has been utilized. A simulation approach has been presented which allows estimating of(More)