Enrico Vogt

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BACKGROUND AND METHODS That Helicobacter pylori has a role in the pathogenesis of gastric carcinoma is widely accepted, although not all doubts are definitively clarified. The purpose of this work was to detect the differences in presence and mean titer of anti-H. pylori antibodies between groups with gastric (n = 65), colonic (n = 70), and lung (n = 43)(More)
The dynamics of a single impurity in an environment is a fundamental problem in many-body physics. In the solid state, a well known case is an impurity coupled to a bosonic bath (such as lattice vibrations); the impurity and its accompanying lattice distortion form a new entity, a polaron. This quasiparticle plays an important role in the spectral function(More)
This paper describes the in vitro infection of human established fibroblast lines by Leishmania mexicana amazonensis amastigotes. Intracellular parasites were located within vacuoles. The proportion of infected cells reached a peak of about 50% on Days 2 or 3, and decreased to almost 0 on Days 6 or 8. Transmission electron microscopy was used to document(More)
Pairing of fermions is ubiquitous in nature, underlying many phenomena. Examples include superconductivity, superfluidity of (3)He, the anomalous rotation of neutron stars, and the crossover between Bose-Einstein condensation of dimers and the BCS (Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer) regime in strongly interacting Fermi gases. When confined to two dimensions,(More)
We investigate collective excitations of a harmonically trapped two-dimensional Fermi gas from the collisionless (zero sound) to the hydrodynamic (first sound) regime. The breathing mode, which is sensitive to the equation of state, is observed with an undamped amplitude at a frequency 2 times the dipole mode frequency for a large range of interaction(More)
We realize and study a strongly interacting two-component atomic Fermi gas confined to two dimensions in an optical lattice. Using radio-frequency spectroscopy we measure the interaction energy of the strongly interacting gas. We observe the confinement-induced Feshbach resonance on the attractive side of the 3D Feshbach resonance and find the existence of(More)
Linear polarization of the H α line of hydrogen has been observed in solar flares. The observed polarization degree can be as high as 10 % for a flare located near the limb and a one minute integration time. This polarization is currently explained as anisotropic collisional excitation of the n = 3 level by vertical beams of protons with an energy greater(More)
We realize and study an attractively interacting two-dimensional Fermi liquid. Using momentum-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we measure the self-energy, determine the contact parameter of the short-range interaction potential, and find their dependence on the interaction strength. We successfully compare the measurements to a theoretical analysis,(More)