Enrico Steffinlongo

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In this paper we present the specification and preliminary assessment of Casanova, a newly designed computer language which integrates knowledge about many areas of game development with the aim of simplifying the process of engineering a game. Casanova is designed as a fully-fledged language, as an extension language to F#, but also as a pervasive design(More)
Authorization in workflow systems is usually built on top of role-based access control (RBAC), security policies on workflows are then expressed as constraints on the users performing a set of tasks and the roles assigned to them. Unfortunately, when role administration is distributed and potentially untrusted users contribute to the role assignment(More)
In this paper we show the Casanova language (and its accompanying design pattern, Rule-Script-Draw) in action by building a series of games with it. In particular we discuss how Casanova is suitable for making games regardless of their genre: the Game of Life, a shooter game, an adventure game and a strategy game. We also discuss the difference between(More)
Even though their architecture relies on robust security principles, it is well-known that poor programming practices may expose browser extensions to serious security flaws, leading to privilege escalations by untrusted web pages or compromised extension components. We propose a formal security analysis of browser extensions in terms of a finegrained(More)
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