Enrico Steffinlongo

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In this paper we present the specification and preliminary assessment of Casanova, a newly designed computer language which integrates knowledge about many areas of game development with the aim of simplifying the process of engineering a game. Casanova is designed as a fully-fledged language, as an extension language to F#, but also as a pervasive design(More)
In this paper we show the Casanova language (and its accompanying design pattern, Rule-Script-Draw) in action by building a series of games with it. In particular we discuss how Casanova is suitable for making games regardless of their genre: the Game of Life, a shooter game, an adventure game and a strategy game. We also discuss the difference between(More)
Even though their architecture relies on robust security principles , it is well-known that poor programming practices may expose browser extensions to serious security flaws, leading to privilege escalations by untrusted web pages or compromised extension components. We propose a formal security analysis of browser extensions in terms of a fine-grained(More)
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