Enrico Sassoni

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One of the main critical aspects behind the failure or success of an implant resides in its ability to fast bond with the surrounding bone. To boost osseointegration, the ideal implant material should exhibit composition and structure similar to those of biological apatite. To this aim, the most common approach is to coat the implant surface with a coating(More)
For preservation of stones used in Cultural Heritage, affected by weathering processes that threaten their cohesion and mechanical properties, the application of consolidants is a common practice. However, available consolidating products generally exhibit some drawbacks that hinder their performance, in terms of either mechanical efficacy, compatibility(More)
The correlation between stone microstructural characteristics and material degradation (in terms of weight loss), in given environmental conditions, was investigated. Seven lithotypes, having very different microstructural characteristics, were used. Four acidic aqueous solutions were prepared to simulate acid rain (two adding H(2)SO(4) and two adding(More)
To determine masonry shear strength, which is a fundamental parameter for evaluating the seismic vulnerability of existing masonry buildings, several experimental techniques can be adopted. A promising method is subjecting cores, easily core-drilled from masonry buildings, to splitting test with mortar layer rotation, so that in the centre of the mortar(More)
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