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The interval tree is an optimally efficient search structure proposed by Edelsbrunner [5] to retrieve intervals on the real line that contain a given query value. We propose the application of such a data structure to the fast location of cells intersected by an isosurface in a volume dataset. The resulting search method can be applied to both structured(More)
A comprehensive study of multiresolution decompositions of planar domains into triangles is given. A model introduced that is more general than other multiresolution models proposed in the literature. The model is based on a collection of fragments of plane triangulations arranged into a partially ordered set. Diierent decompositions of a domain can be(More)
A new hierarchical triangle-based model for representing surfaces over sampled data is proposed, which is based on the subdivision of the surface domain into nested triangulations, called a <italic>hierarchical triangulation (HT)</italic>. The model allows compression of spatial data and representation of a surface at successively finer degrees of(More)
The Multi-Triangulation (MT) is a general framework for managing the Level-of-Detail in large triangle meshes, which we have introduced in our previous work. In this paper, we describe an efficient implementation of an MT based on vertex decimation. We present general techniques for querying an MT, which are independent of a specific application, and which(More)
We consider the MultGTriangulation, a general model for representing surfaces at variable resolution based on triangle meshes, We analyse characteristics of the model that make it effective for supporting basic operations such as extraction of a surface approximation, and point location. An interruptible algorithm for extracting a representation at a(More)
We address the problem of the efficient visualization of large irregular volume data sets by exploiting a multiresolution model based on tetrahedral meshes. Multiresolution models, also called Level-Of-Detail (LOD) models, allow encoding the whole data set at a virtually continuous range of different resolutions. We have identified a set of queries for(More)
We present a method for the global parametrization of meshes that preserves alignment to a cross field in input while obtaining a parametric domain made of few coarse axis-aligned rectangular patches, which form an abstract base complex without T-junctions. The method is based on the topological simplification of the cross field in input, followed by global(More)
A method is proposed which supports the extraction of isosurfaces from irregular volume data, represented by tetrahedral decomposition, in optimal time. The method is based on a data structure called interval tree, which encodes a set of intervals on the real line, and supports efficient retrieval of all intervals containing a given value. Each cell in the(More)
A model for the multiresolution decomposition of planar domains into triangles is introduced, which is more general than other multiresolution models proposed in the literature, and can be eeciently applied to the representation of a polyhedral terrain at variable resolution. The model is based on a collection of fragments of plane triangulations arranged(More)