Enrico Pezzola

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Plants respond to volatile cues emitted by damaged neighbors to increase their defenses against herbivores. We examined whether plants communicated more effectively with local neighbors than distant neighbors in a reciprocal experiment at two sites. Three branches on focal plants were incubated with air from (1) a control, (2) an experimentally clipped(More)
Models of climate change predict more variable precipitation for much of western North America, including more severe multi-year droughts. Droughts are known to increase mortality to trees although less is known about effects on shrubs from arid environments and about effects on reproduction. In this study, we followed a cohort of young sagebrush plants(More)
Anti-herbivore defense shows high levels of both inter- and intraspecific variability. Defending against herbivores may be costly to the plant when it requires a tradeoff in allocation between defense and other missed opportunities, such as reproduction. Indeed, the plastic expression of defensive traits allows the plant to invest resources in defense only(More)
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