Enrico Pellegrini

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We explore post-processing of scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) images for the automatic detection of retinal blood vessels. The retinal vasculature is first enhanced using morphological and Gaussian matched filters before a thresholding technique produces a binary vessel map. Such permutations of post-processing techniques are commonly used to achieve(More)
— Two optimal control methods for a nonlinear semi-active suspension system subject to state and actuating constraints are presented and compared with LQR and skyhook control. Nonlinearities in the suspension system are considered in terms of variable kinematic transmission factor, bump stops and asymmetric and degressive continously variable damper(More)
Spasticity is a characteristic and early component of the lesions of the pyramidal tract of demyelinising diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and is included in the chief neurological scales to evaluate this disease. We report the case of a woman with a clawed toes deformity caused by spasticity of the extensor digitorum (longus and brevis) muscles.
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