Enrico Padovani

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In this paper we propound a non­destructive and non­invasive technique for measuring the thickness of water penetration in a homogeneous slab. The proposed device consists of a 252 Cf spontaneous fission source and a set of 3 He detectors located on the same side of a concrete slab subject to water infiltration. The effectiveness of this technique has been(More)
– The most recent release of photonuclear interaction data for Monte Carlo applications is the ENDF/B-VII library. While this current version offers several improvements over its predecessors, it does not address the observed, sometimes quite significant variance in the measured data. For instance, for 238 U, the cross-section data in the ENDF/B-VII library(More)
This paper presents the validation of the Monte Carlo code MCNP-PoliMi for the simulation of nuclear safeguards experiments with plutonium and uranium metal based on fast time-correlation measurements. A comparison is presented between experimental data acquired with the Nuclear Materials Identification System and the Monte Carlo simulations. The(More)
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