Enrico Olivier

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The design of an electromagnetic actuator rotating around three independent axes is presented. The actuator consists of a spherical armature moving around its center; inside this armature are situated three fixed inductors. When power is supplied, the three phase windings of each inductor develop a moving magnetic field acting along its own plane of(More)
A study is made of a sample of 58 dust-enshrouded Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars (including 2 possible post AGB stars), of which 27 are carbon-rich and 31 are oxygen-rich. These objects were originally identified by Jura & Kleinmann as nearby (within about 1 kpc of the sun) AGB stars with high mass-loss rates (Ṁ > 10 M⊙yr ). Ground-based near-infrared(More)
JHKs near-infrared photometry of stars in the Phoenix dwarf galaxy is presented and discussed. Combining these data with the optical photometry of Massey et al. allows a rather clean separation of field stars from Phoenix members. The discovery of a Mira variable (P = 425 days), which is almost certainly a carbon star, leads to an estimate of the distance(More)
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