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BACKGROUND Immigration is increasing in Italy. In 2003, 2.6 million foreign citizens lived in the country; 52% were men and the majority were young adults who migrated for work. The purpose of this study was to investigate differences in hospitalisation between immigrants and the resident population during the year 2000 in the Lazio region. METHODS(More)
In patients with constipation the prevalence of melanosis in rectal biopsies was evaluated in an attempt to correlate its occurrence with laxative consumption and intestinal stasis. Melanosis was present in 58 percent of the patients and in none of a control group. Melanosis was present in 73.4 percent of patients consuming anthracene laxatives and in 26.6(More)
The objective of the document is to define the most appropriate indications and health-care procedures for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and is intended for use by paediatricians, general practitioners, and otolaryngologists involved in the treatment of adenotonsillar pathologies. After a systematic review and grading of evidences from the literature, the(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between income inequality and health remains controversial in terms of whether or not it exists and, if so, its extent and the mechanisms involved. This study examines the relationship between income inequality, as indicated by the Gini coefficient, and mortality in Italy. METHODS Cross-sectional ecological study on the(More)
We looked at laxative consumption and its relationship to bowel habits, total gastrointestinal transit time (TGITT), and symptoms in patients with chronic nonorganic constipation. Of the patients, 87.9% used laxative, 30% habitually. Laxative intake increased with age, so that habitual consumption was more frequent in patients with long-standing (greater(More)
The role of rapid health assessment in generating data other than routine reporting for a multi-element primary health care information system is presented. Rapid surveys, based on the adaptation of the WHO/EPI cluster survey methodology, may generate reliable and valid results useful for the support of a managerial PHC information system. However, because(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE There exists conflicting evidence regarding the higher risk of hysterectomy among women of a lower educational and economic level. This study aims to assess whether in Italy socioeconomic level is related to hysterectomy undertaken for different medical reasons. DESIGN An area based index was used to assign socieconomic status (SES; four(More)
Five years after publishing the document on 'The clinical and organizational appropriateness of tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy' in 2003, a multidisciplinary group of experts came together again to update this document and to publish a guideline with grading of evidences and recommendations. Major revisions of the previous document were addressed to: (1)(More)
Although the interest for equity is growing, scanty attention has been reserved so far in Italy to health care inequalities. The relation between hospitalization and socioeconomic position in Rome has been studied by evaluating overall heterogeneity and differences in access to effective non-discretionary treatments or at high degree of generic or specific(More)