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Traumatic dislocation of the patella is an infrequent occurrence favored by dysplasia of the extensor apparatus of the knee. The problem of diagnosis is at the basis of a choice of treatment, as any pre-existing dysplasia may be worsened by traumatic dislocation. Furthermore, the presence of a patellar or femoral osteochondral fragment, a more frequent(More)
The authors analyse the method used between 1983 and 1990 in 161 patients with chronic anterior laxity of the knee treated by 162 ligament reconstructions utilizing synthetic ligament prostheses. Tearing of the prosthetic ligament is the most feared and frequent complication. This may be due to technical error, wear of the material or, to a lesser extent,(More)
Relationships between species and their habitats are not always constant. Different processes may determine changes in species-habitat association: individuals may prefer different habitat typologies in different periods, or they may be forced to occupy a different habitat in order to follow the changing environment. The aim of our study was to assess(More)
Arthroscopic surgery is generally considered to be free of any significant complications. In particular, there is a much lower incidence of vascular complications as compared with open surgery of the knee. A careful examination of the literature, made by the authors, and an in-depth analysis of a significant sample (790 patients over 2 years) out of a total(More)
Seasonality impacts species distributions through changes of the environmental conditions that affect the presence of individuals at a given place. Although the dynamics of cave microclimates are well known, only a few studies have evaluated the effects of such dynamics on non-strictly cave species. Here we assessed if species exploiting subterranean(More)
This white paper was assembled by Scott Dodelson with input from many of the cosigners. It is part of the efforts of NASA'a Primordial Polarization Program Definition Team (PPPDT), Shaul Hanany chair, and of a NASA award to Steve Meyer and colleagues entitled " A study for a CMB Probe of Inflation " (07-ASMCS07-0012).
Information on species thermal physiology is extremely important to understand species responses to environmental heterogeneity and changes. Thermography is an emerging technology that allows high resolution and accurate measurement of body temperature, but until now it has not been used to study thermal physiology of amphibians in the wild. Hydromantes(More)
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