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Human safety and effective human-robot communication are main concerns in HRI applications. In order to achieve such goals, a system should be very robust, allowing little chance for misunderstanding the user's commands. Moreover, the system should permit natural interaction reducing the time and the effort needed to achieve tasks. The main purpose of this(More)
Offering contents to a visitor in a natural and attractive way is one of the most interesting challenges in promoting cultural heritage. In this paper, we present an ongoing research about the design and development of interactive systems based on dialogues in natural language to assist a user during a visit to a cultural space. The responses of system(More)
Effective human-robot communication is one of the main concerns in modern robotics. Involved systems should be very robust, allowing little chance for misunderstanding users commands. The main purpose of this work is to develop a general framework for multimodal human-robot communication, which allows users to interact with robots using speech and gestures,(More)
Speech and natural language processing have a central role in the implementation of systems designed to make the museum more reac-tive to users' inputs and to improve the overall interaction quality. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a dialogue system to provide multimedia presentations for museum visits. A corpus of speech(More)
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