Enrico Le Donne

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We consider sets of locally finite perimeter in Carnot groups. We show that if E is a set of locally finite perimeter in a Carnot group G then, for almost every x ∈ G with respect to the perimeter measure of E, some tangent of E at x is a vertical halfspace. This is a partial extension of a theorem of Franchi-Serapioni-Serra Cassano in step 2 Carnot groups:(More)
In Carnot-Carathéodory or sub-Riemannian geometry, one of the major open problems is whether the conclusions of Sard's theorem holds for the end-point map, a canonical map from an infinite-dimensional path space to the underlying finite-dimensional manifold. The set of critical values for the endpoint map is also known as abnormal set, being the set of(More)
We prove that the Besicovitch Covering Property (BCP) does not hold for some classes of homogeneous quasi-distances on Carnot groups of step 3 and higher. As a special case we get that, in Carnot groups of step 3 and higher, BCP is not satisfied for those homogeneous distances whose unit ball centered at the origin coincides with a Euclidean ball centered(More)