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Previous work by the writers (6) has shown that the ripening rate of newly picked pears can be markedly stimulated by ethylene or gases of similar properties naturally evolved, but fruit treated after being held for prolonged periods of cold storage is not similarly affected. As a tentative explanation of these differences, it was suggested that the effects(More)
The possible intermediary position of the plant acids in respiration and carbohydrate metabolism as indicated for some plant tissues, suggests that a similar situation may exist in fruit. Many fruits contain comparatively large amounts of various acids (8) and apparently have a very active acid metabolism, as shown by the changes in concentration which(More)
The MUNSON-WALKER method (3) with the modification of BERTRAND (1) has long been used for the determination of reducing sugars in plant extracts. The large amiiounts of solutions required by this method, however, make necessary the frequent preparation and standardization of solutions, which is inconvenient when large numbers of determinations are being(More)