Enrico Dressler

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The public availability of virtual worlds, as for instance Second Life or the OpenSimulator, has introduced a new type of online learning, called “virtual learning”. Virtual learning is used to simulate face-to-face learning, to create new and innovative learning material and to interconnect distant learners. Unfortunately, the virtual(More)
This article describes the use of aservice-oriented architecture to bridge the gapbetween different eLearning types and tools. The basic concept is abi-directional distribution of web services provided by different eLearning environments. This is exemplarily verified by acombination of lectures that are held in amodern media supported lecture room with(More)
SOA services afford a uniform and transparent use of different devices with similar functionalities. In the last years a number of mostly incompatible, SOA technologies have been established. Therefore, this advantage is no longer true. Indeed it is not required to support the specific device, but the concrete SOA technology. Furthermore, a transparent(More)
This paper presents a middleware and an application scenario for communication in a pervasive community which is characterized by the use of different network and service technologies. To achieve the required cross-technology communication, we organize devices and applications as members of cells with homogeneous network interfaces, and we combine these(More)
In diesem Artikel wird das Konzept einer Architektur vorgestellt, die Geräte als Ensemble-Mitglieder organisiert. Die eigenen Ressourcen und F ¨ ahigkeiten k ¨ onnen anderen Mitgliedern in Form vonDiensten zur Ve rfügung gestellt werden. Durch die Architektur werden insbesondere der Kontext der Mitglieder und eine heterogene Mit-gliedervernetzung mit(More)
A flexible, efficient and interoperable communication system is the basis of a pervasive environment. Unfortunately, the heterogenity on network and service levels results in a lot of constrains in such a communication environment. This demonstration paper presents an exemplary messaging solution for a unified use of services and devices in a heterogeneous(More)
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