Enrico Ditommaso

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Grip strength was used to evaluate bimanual functioning and the bimanual deficit as a measure of the relationship between the hands and the hemispheres. Participants were 174 right-handed individuals. Experiment 1 measured maximal, unimanual, and bimanual grips. There were two bimanual, simultaneous grip conditions: (1) symmetrical (hands perform the same(More)
Thirty-nine children from intact families with a manic-depressive parent were evaluated by a semi-structured clinical interview and a number of rating scales for the presence or absence of psychopathology. This sample represents a larger one than in an earlier study, which showed minimal offspring psychopathology compared with reports of other(More)
The relationship between maternal-infant interaction and attachment quality to infant developmental outcomes has long been established. As children mature, problems stemming from troubled caregiver-infant relations may result in referral to mental health or child protection services. The accurate and appropriate assessment of attachment is critical for(More)
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