Enrico Dente

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Large flocks of Eurasian crane (Grus grus, >35,000) have begun wintering in an altered wetland agro-ecosystem located in Northern Israel, a phenomenon that attracts more than 400,000 eco-tourists a year. A 100-ha plot has been used to feed the cranes in order to protect nearby fields. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of this bird's(More)
The paper addresses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs - aka drones) designed to be undetected by humans, i.e. stealth drones, or more generally, to have a minimal impact on living beings and environment, i.e. 'blue' drones, in the sense of preserving unaltered the blue color of the sky. Being 'blue' might be highly desirable in the future when drones will(More)
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