Enrico Cotroneo

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Oral health is dependent upon a thin mobile film of saliva on soft and hard tissues. Salivary proteins adhere to teeth to form the acquired enamel pellicle which is believed to protect teeth from acid erosion. This study investigated whether patients suffering diet-induced dental erosion had altered enamel pellicles. Thirty patients suffering erosion were(More)
SUMMARY The endovascular approach is described in 113 middle cerebral artery (MCA) aneurysms. The treatment failed in six cases with no adverse clinical consequences. Out of the 107 treated cases, it was possible to obtain a complete occlusion in 50 aneurysms (47%), whereas a residual aneurysm neck was observed in 54 cases (50%). Follow-up angiograms were(More)
SUMMARY Four cases of posterior cerebral artery (PCA) aneurysms are described. The aneurysms were located at the P2 segment of PCA. All cases presented with a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Endovascular treatment was performed, with occlusion of the aneurysm and parent vessel, using platinum coils. Two patients developed a homonymus lateral hemianopia after(More)
The authors report a new case of Joubert syndrome (agenesis of the cerebellar vermis, mental retardation, disturbance of respiratory rhythm, ataxia, abnormal eye-movements) and review the relevant literature on the other nine cases reported. The diagnosis in the present case was confirmed by computerized tomography. Early recognition of this syndrome is(More)
OBJECT A series of 306 consecutive patients with an anterior communicating artery (ACoA) aneurysm is presented. The goal in this study was to report the results of endovascular treatment of ACoA aneurysms in these patients. METHODS The aneurysms were managed with an endovascular approach in which detachable coils were used. A brief anatomical description(More)
BACKGROUND Giant perimedullary arteriovenous fistulas (GPMAVFs) located in the cervical region are a rare pathology with distinctive characteristics. OBJECTIVE To evaluate clinical presentation and different endovascular treatment options of cervical GPMAVFs and review previously published data in the literature regarding cervical GPMAVFs. METHODS Six(More)
The acquired pellicle adheres to tooth surfaces and has been suggested to provide differing degrees of protection against acidic erosion. This study investigated whether pellicle formed on enamel blocks in patients suffering dietary dental erosion modified the effect of an in vitro simulated dietary challenge, in comparison with pellicle formed on enamel(More)