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Single crystals of CaWO(4) and CaMoO(4) doped with Tb(3+) have been grown by the flux growth method. Their luminescence properties have been investigated in the 10-600 K temperature range under different experimental conditions. In spite of very similar spectra at low temperature upon excitation at 365 nm, the crystals show a very different behavior as the(More)
Photoluminescence spectra and luminescence kinetics of pure CaMoO(4) and CaMoO(4) doped with Ln(3+) (Ln = Pr or Tb) are presented. The spectra were obtained at high hydrostatic pressure up to 240 kbar applied in a diamond anvil cell. At ambient pressure undoped and doped samples exhibit a broad band emission extending between 380 and 700 nm with a maximum(More)
In recent years, major and widely accepted information security understandings and achievements confirm that the problem is complex. They clarify that technologies are fundamental tools, but management processes have even bigger relevance, as also prestigious international magazines dossier clearly explained recently. Such a magazine attention outlines the(More)
Laser slope and threshold properties have been investigated in Nd stoichiometric crystal powders as a function of pump wavelength and pump beam size. Above a given pumped area, the laser slope and the threshold pump energy per unit area are invariant and the known theoretical expressions are well fulfilled. Likewise, the size of the stimulated emission zone(More)
The spectral properties of LaVO(4), GdVO(4) and LuVO(4) crystals doped with Ce(3+), Pr(3+), Eu(3+) or Tb(3+) have been investigated in order to determine the position of the energy levels relative to the valence and conduction bands of the hosts along the trivalent and divalent lanthanide series. Pr(3+) and Tb(3+) ground state levels are positioned based on(More)
Single crystals of YAl3(BO3)4 doped with 1 and 10% Pr3+ were grown by spontaneous nucleation from a K2Mo3O10 and B2O3 flux. Polarised absorption and luminescence spectra in the visible, near infrared and infrared ranges were recorded at room and low temperatures on ground and polished samples of about 1 mm thickness. The microsymmetry of the Pr3+ sites is(More)
Low temperature polarized single-crystal absorption and luminescence spectra of Cr(V)-doped YVO4 and the powder luminescence spectrum of Cr(V)-doped YPO4 are reported and discussed. A rich fine structure and strong polarization effects are observed in the near-infrared. Due to a strong interaction of the Cr(V) ion with two Y3+ ions in the second(More)
The luminescence properties of Tb(3+) in CaWO4 crystals are investigated under a hydrostatic pressure of up to 200 kbar, i.e. across scheelite-to-fergusonite phase transition. It is shown that the typical blue ((5)D3) and green ((5)D4) emissions in this material are progressively quenched at room temperature as pressure is increased. This quenching is(More)
The luminescence properties of K(1/2)Bi(1/2)TiO(3):Pr(3+) and Na(1/2)Bi(1/2)TiO(3):Pr(3+) powders are investigated in the temperature range 10-600 K. The experimental data are interpreted on the basis of metal-to-metal charge transfer processes and by considering Bi(3+)-to-Pr(3+) sensitization effects.