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2 can be detected with a temporal resolution of 30 min. In fact, such a system should be able to detect fires at their first stage when it is possible to extinguish them more easily. The Centro di Ricerca Progetto San Marco has been analyzing for several years the possibility of using images acquired by the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager(More)
Fires in the Sardinia Island are one of the most important environmental factors controlling the ecosystem´s function and structure. The evaluation of fire effects by means of remote sensing is economically and practically the best way to assess fire damage, before going to the field. The use of alternative techniques for fire effects assessment is needed,(More)
The estimate of the burned biomass starts from the computation of the FRP (Fire Radiative Power) that is the radiative power released by the fire. By integrating this quantity in the time it is possible to estimate the FRE (Fire Radiative Energy) and the burned biomass, if coefficients providing the burning efficiency of the vegetation interested by the(More)
– Several studies have clearly demonstrated the capability of suitable algorithms based on satellite images to detect fires scars by using optical and radar data. In the near infrared region (0.7-1.3 micron) green vegetation shows high reflectance values compared to the most other natural surfaces. In general this region of the spectrum contains the most(More)
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