Enrica Fubini

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As weightlessness is not completely reproducible on Earth, usability evaluation of space systems is often simulated through tests in an aquatic environment. A Neutral Buoyancy Facility test programme was organized in a special pool to simulate Extra-Vehicular Activities on the Columbus module of the future International Space Station with the aim of(More)
The paper analyses different ergonomic aspects that it is necessary to take into account to design car seats tat can fit users' requirements in terms of safety and comfort, two aspects that are closely related. Improving comfort can give an important contribution to active safety because reduces driver fatigue, giving him better chances to avoid incidents(More)
RESEARCH and practical applications in the field of work physiology often require sophisticated methods and apparatus for the simultaneous, quantitative evaluation of manifold biological signals which other disciplines usually study only by means of qualitative analysis; electromyography (EMG), electroencephalography (EEG), electro-oculography (EOG), and(More)
BACKGROUND The topics of stress and well-being in call centres are the focus of many different disciplines. This article presents the definition and start-up phases of the "Well-being in Telecom Italia Call Centres" project, which was coordinated and supervised by an interdisciplinary scientific committee composed of members from different universities. To(More)
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