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Bacillus pumilus SF214 is a spore forming bacterium, isolated from a marine sample, able to produce a matrix and a orange-red, water soluble pigment. Pigmentation is strictly regulated and high pigment production was observed during the late stationary growth phase in a minimal medium and at growth temperatures lower than the optimum. Only a subpopulation(More)
Plant ammonium transporters of the AMT1 family are involved in N-uptake from the soil and ammonium transport, and recycling within the plant. Although AMT1 genes are known to be expressed in nitrogen-fixing nodules of legumes, their precise roles in this specialized organ remain unknown. We have taken a reverse-genetic approach to decipher the physiological(More)
Salicylic acid (SA) is known to play an important role in the interaction between plant and micro-organisms, both symbiotic and pathogen. In particular, high levels of SA block nodule formation and mycorrhizal colonization in plants. A mutant of Lotus japonicus, named Ljsym4-2, was characterized as unable to establish positive interactions with Rhizobium(More)
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