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Several initiatives for establishing standards for metadata models are being carried out at the moment, but everyone focuses on their own requirements when defining metadata attributes, their possible values and the relation between them. From the point of view of someone who wants to seek and buy information (multimedia content in general) in different(More)
When content producers are forced to generate and manage content day after day (and, most of the times, in a hurry), like in the case of TV broadcasters, they have different priorities and requirements than other kind of content providers. However, the requirement for content interchange through optimum content search is always there. The paper presents how(More)
Resumen En este artículo proponemos un procedimiento objetivo para la evaluación, basada en competencias, de los trabajos fin de grado (TFG) y de máster (TFM) en el contexto de las ingenierías. Dicho procedimiento se ha dividido en seis etapas: (1) definición de las competencias asociadas al TFG o al TFM y de indicadores objetivos; (2) definición de los(More)
Retail is undergoing through major technological changes. Online shopping is rapidly increasing because of the features it offers. Bringing online shopping features to offline retail will enrich customer experience. In this paper we present Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces developed for handheld devices, linked to a physical Smart Space to bridge the gap(More)
We are so used to surfing the web, clicking on links and getting instant feedback, that we often wonder why we cannot do the same on physical surfaces. We have coined <i>crick</i> as a portmanteau term blending <i>click</i> and <i>brick (and mortar)</i> to describe the action of selecting a point on a physical surface and receiving digital information about(More)
Traditional broadcasting of TV contents begins to coexist with new models of user aware content delivery. The definition of interoperable interfaces for precise content search and retrieval between the different involved parties is a requirement for the deployment of the new audiovisual distribution services. This paper presents the design of an(More)
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