Enric Llorens-Bobadilla

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Neuroinflammation is increasingly recognized as a hallmark of neurodegeneration. Activated central nervous system-resident microglia and infiltrating immune cells contribute to the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons (DNs). However, how the inflammatory process leads to neuron loss and whether blocking this response would be beneficial to disease(More)
Whether new neurons are added in the postnatal cerebral cortex is still debated. Here, we report that the meninges of perinatal mice contain a population of neurogenic progenitors formed during embryonic development that migrate to the caudal cortex and differentiate into Satb2+ neurons in cortical layers II-IV. The resulting neurons are electrically(More)
Adult somatic stem cells are generally defined as cells with the ability to differentiate into multiple different lineages and to self-renew during long periods of time. These features were long presumed to be represented in one single tissue-specific stem cell. Recent development of single-cell technologies reveals the existence of diversity in fate and(More)
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