Enric Jaén Villoldo

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Solutions in the network and service management layers of telecommunications management architectures are currently fragmented both in terms of standards and products. It is often, therefore, difficult for the developers of management systems to reuse and integrate management software from different sources in cost-effective solutions spanning the various(More)
This contribution presents a prototype of network management framework based on distributed plug-in component technology. The main innovative aspect is the exhibited capacity to facilitate network management applications to be reconfigured at runtime by changing the communication channels used by the constituent components to communicate. This adds great(More)
Current Web services are able to interoperate successfully with most basic data types. However, due to the limited functionality of existing data binding tools, they still experiment difficulties manipulating more complex XML data types, forcing programmers to work at the XML level. In this paper we propose a business model for web services where data(More)
The calculation of dimensions is a useful tool to quantify structural information of artificial and natural objects. There are some types of dimension [9]: the Euclidean one, the Hausdorff-Besicovitch dimension, and so on. We are going to work with the fractal dimension in the special case of text documents. There are many objects which fractal dimension(More)
The efficient file searching is an essential feature in P2P systems. While many current approaches use brute force techniques to search files by meta information (file names, extensions or user-provided tags), the interest is in implementing techniques that allow content-based search in P2P systems. Recently, clustering techniques have been used for(More)
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